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Michael Loar:

--- Quote from: Spark Master on March 03, 2017, 01:29:50 PM ---I use Duck DuckGo unless I want a map,  I did not realize the use of "quote marks" would work on the GTA search feature.  Google builds on searches by recording them and it helps them search faster, but, it also makes those who would love to shut down all guns including air rifles to find this site. So the use of DDG as opposed to google is better. There is another provider in europe who's name escapes me, and they are like DDG, no tracking, no cookies, no beacons.

I know I am a paranoid silly to some, but I like privacy.  Do not believe the mumbo jumbo, your entire life is not on the web, coming soon perhaps, but not yet. Users of smart phones, do I need to explain you are now tracked 24X7X365 until you die or lose the phone. I turn my phone off every night and do not always turn it on, unless I am going outside. My phone and battery are at least 15 years old. I had a 75 year old man laugh and break my shoes over my phone. He proudly whipped out his Iphone and said "Sonny that is a piece of junk THIS is the newest Iphone they make, now join the current century and buy a real cellphone"

So thanks for the search feature update. I have seen the "" technique but forgot it can be used on many platforms. A librarian taught me that one! I fergit and here I relearned it.


--- End quote ---

+ 1 on the paranoid about Big Brother watching every thing we do or say with our privacy being truly a thing of the past. I basically do the same thing with my phone and have even gone into the settings and turned off the tracking feature so Apple cannot follow me around everywhere I go.

I do not own a smart TV and never will and the camera on my PC has tape over it so no spying on me with out my knowledge and the speaker in it is a remote setup so I control if the sound works or not.


Glad I found this, I will try it next time I need to search for something specific.

Thanks for the enlightenment, Obiwon.

Huh! I just saw this!!! Thanks for the heads up!!!


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