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A better way to search the forums

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Very good advice!


--- Quote from: Steveoh x ---SMF Forums are great. I love the software. But the search function can be pretty dismal.

So,  a better way to search is to go to google: [urlx[/url]

Type in: <what you want to search for minus the brackets> such as: sumatra .25 carbine

Much, much better results.


--- End quote ---

Steveoh, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I've just spent a month researching two guns and I've spent hours wading through hundreds of unrelated posts to get what I want. This will save me so much grief.
You da man

There's a search engine on this site? WOW! I saw that thing up in the corner and tried it, if I could just figure out how to post pics without jumping through a dozen hoops, going off site, etc, etc, get the picture (or not as in my case  :()

I stumbled across a prime example just a few minutes ago.

search 1: forum search for "how to reset scope"
search 2: forum search for "reset scope"
search 3: google search for " reset scope"

quote marks not included in the search strings

search 1: nuttin'
search 2: nuttin'
search 3:
                Exactly the answer I needed.

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO SEARCH!!!  THANKS STEVEOH!  The search function on this forum is the worst I've seen on the internet.  The Google Site Search is a big help.  Thanks for the tip!


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