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It was a Dark, dark Storm and the Rain kept on

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Nomadic Pirate:
Awhile back I set up a feeder, but it's not my favorite hunting so I've been procastinating,
today I was sick and I think I put some good time into mingling with the porkers on the ground so I decided to go hunt the Stand

I've being fine tuning my BlackStorm for just this occasions.

I really cranked up the power and got Will to make me a single shot tray so I can shoot the 32gr EunJin

Those pellets at 25 yards just blow throught a 2x4 :)

so I got to the stand and settled in.

at 2:30 I had to take my DayQuil :)

Nothing came throught all day and I was just about to pack up when silently a Boar slipped out the forest, gave me a 3/4 shot at 1st but eventually he faced me and it was game over

was getting dark so I had to hussle and couldn't take the picture of my set up, next time.

The Timer got me on this one , LOL ::) ::) ::)

Big Bore Bart:
   At least you "brought home the bacon".   Get well, so you can go out and chase them properly. ;D

Great hunt, Manny!!
DayQuil ? That looks a lot like a shot of Jack Daniels. ;D

Awesome hunting man.

Really wish there was more like that around here.    I am sure there is going to be a few nice meals with that big boy.

That's good stuff right there. Nice shot.


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