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Using air pistols to hone shooting skills

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I just wish Umarex would put factory correct markings on one side, and all the warnings and airgun caliber markings on the other.

So you could display it with just the correct markings showing. 


--- Quote from: HunterWhite on May 15, 2019, 08:01:36 AM ---Nice Wayne, I almost bought that one, how do you like it? I think that I read somewhere that you aslo shoot BP. Does it have the look and feel of a real Colt?

--- End quote ---
I've never owned a Colt PB before but I've the the New Model Army Replica Remington by Lyman which I've had and shot for many years, I always have been a fan of the single action pistols.  I really like the Duke replica a lot and it gets a lot of shots on a cartridge.

My Peacemaker is supposed to be here Saturday,  I am tickled to get this one.

I just gave away all of my 177 stuff, rifle, pellets, cleaning brushes.

Now I have to determine what pellet it likes.


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