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Using air pistols to hone shooting skills

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I wanted to start this topic because I was wondering how many of us us air pistols to improve our pistol shooting skills. I shoot muzzle loading pistol / revolver pistols competitively in local shoots and Nationally. I found that air pistols are a great way to see that nasty trigger twitch, practice your follow through, stance and diminish hold time. The side effect is I got sucked into air pistols / rifles and enjoy them more than I thought that I would. I have been going down to my muzzle loading club and shooting my air pistols when things are slow but, because of the weather, I have setup a 22 ft range in my garage. I want to see if this practice improves my scores next time I shoot. Last year I have noticed some bad habits in my shooting and I hope this practice will help me get rid of them.

I truly believe any type of shooting improves your shooting skills. I have been a police officer for 30 years.  ( just retired) but I did notice that when I became heavily involved in air gunning it did improve my shooting skills at the police range.  Unlike firearms Air guns allow you to shoot at home in your basement, garage, backyard, etc etc.   So therefore any trigger time is good time. 

What air pistols are you using ? I just bought an LP8. Can't wait for it to get here. I had a Browning 800 but the quality was so poor so I returned it.

I started with the crosman 1377 then the 2240 and modified it to .177. Now I am getting the Beeman P17 and another 2240 so I can shoot .22. I hope that with the practicing I will be able to move up to the final classification of High Master. I shoot between Master and High Master and would like to get over the hump.

Mr Sasquatch:

--- Quote from: Rboss75 on March 06, 2014, 04:38:14 PM ---I truly believe any type of shooting improves your shooting skills. 

--- End quote ---
100% agree.  When I stated shooting in USPSA "run-and-gun" pistol matches  I incorporated an air pistol in my daily practice routine at home. First I would do a lot of dry-fire drills  (drawing, target acquisition., etc..) with my real pistol  to get my muscles trained with the proper weight. After that I'd add some trigger time with a CO2 blow-back BB pistol to work on that pesky trigger jerk and follow-up shots.  Add to that a few reduced size targets and an iPhone timer, and you can almost replicate an USPSA match in your basement. ;)


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