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Single Shot Tray, Marauder Question?

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I have a question?

How does the single-shot tray for the Marauder work? Does it just slide-in place, and left, then trying to load a pellet into the much too small receiver/breech?

Or does it slide in and out every shot, latching like the magazine?


 Yup, you just slide it into place and leave it, it works so well for me, that i've never once used my mags. Plus the shot tray allows for longer pellets. I'd say it's a worthy addition.. J

Just received my tray today. Heres picture of package. Plastic breech bushing is also included.

I have Grant the Kiwi's... just snap into place like the mag, and leave it there. Very easy to then use as a single-shot bolt action. It's all I use for bench shooting; I only take the mags when I'm on the prowl.

OK, youze guyz have convinced me.  Coupla' magazines and tray, next order!



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