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Unoffical 10m matches?

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Is anyone gonna run some of these in the off season?  I bought my IZH-60 a little to late and missed the matches

Random Plinker/Eric might start up a few later.
You can always start up a match in the "Target Shooting Discussion Gate" and see who wants to join in in the fun.

Why dont you just make it 5 m then?

Oooooo this sounds fun!

I can do that distance in my basement and have been waiting for some fun shoots to pop up, let us know when the fun begins!


Allen, would you consider adding one more additional position?  Off a bag, seated.  Maybe, make it a separate class.  The winner would use a cane pole off the beach.  I don't know if my Beeman P17 and pellet selection is capable of doing this many shots accurately?  This "Cane Class" may reduce the operator shaky and vision variables and place more emphasis on the equipment.   

Best wishes,
Pointfocus (Gil)


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