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CO2 pistols question


Nomadic Pirate:
Can you leave a co2 pistol with a powerlet cartridge in for a prolonged period of time ?


Well my Crosman 180 rifle from the mid 1960's sill holds co2 and I have kept a cartridge in it always and as of last year when I learned of the pell gun oil I put a drop on the tip of the cartridge

I left my 2240 with almost full cart. from fall 2009 to summer this year and held up to 25+ full shots.

i cant say either way on if its a good idea, i dont leave mine "charged" for any lenght of time after shooting. {i have curious kids ,despite locks and safe}the only exception would my umarex "steel storm", but i cut loose with that one so frequently it dosent matter. it also has a removable "mag"for the caplets that does not leak out when removed.

Though I can't speak with authority from experience, I've read that even though a gun may hold gas after leaving a cart for an extended period of time, its possible for the seal to take a "set" from the neck of the cart under pressure for so long so that it will no longer hold gas when a different cart is inserted later.

I just can't seem to stop shooting long enough to test the theory!! ;D



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