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Rear tank air rifle pics


Ok guys,

Well I know I have seen this before, but I can't for the life of me find anything.

What I am looking for are some pics of the Airforce style air rifle bolt mech.  I am planning on making something for my airsoft hobby, and am planning on using this style of bolt/hammer assembly to power the rifle. 

I am thinking of something along those lines or something like a QB rifle.  Except with the airtube coming out of the rear of the rifle.  The air tube will be an M4 style stock tube.

Any help would be great.  Thanks guys.

Rear tank?

Airforce talons, co2, 3oz.tank:

This one has the stock, but not rear tank (runs as a bulk fill co2 or as a medium pressure HPA):

And I do like front tanks…. Makes for easy storage, and can shoot them as a (big) pistol if need be:

Yeah was thinking about using the talons bolt as an idea.

Here is what I am going for.    I am wanting to build my own airsoft sniper rilfe.  I have owed quite a few and none of them have ever been up to par for what I want.  So I am going to try and build my own.

I am wanting to use basic M4 mags, as I already have around 20 of them.  The mag will be just infront of the trigger assembly.  So basically take the 22xx and put an M4 mag infront of the trigger mech.  And having the air source inside the butt stock tube.

There needs to be room for the M4 mag to load into the rifle.  I have been trying to figure a way to make a front mounted air sourse, but can't figure a good way to get the gas routed to the bolt.

Been doing some more thinking about this project of mine... and was thinking about the gas ram side of things as well..

I know there are drop in kits for different rifles.  So what I was wondering with these are, what size is the entire system?  And how exactly do they work.


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