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 New Club has Formed
Happy Wednesday, Happy October, Happy Near End of Benchrest Season

i hope it is okay to announce this here. if not please redirect or admonish me. 

A small (but feisty) group of us have banded together and formed a club. The Foothills Air Rifle Club. We are in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at 8300 Feet.

We are JUST getting it together. We Plan To shoot Air Rifle Benchrest, Steel Silhouette and eventually, Field Target.
We are in the Colorado Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Informal Fellowship, and the target is the only authority. We currently have one ad-hoc range that has 2-3 max firing points. It is outdoors, with a max range of 50Meters. It is my driveway (yes, it has a safe backstop). We will shoot in wind, rain, snow and even when it is sunny outside. We will not shoot during electrical storms, thunder or lightning (this is lightning strike central). THANK YOU for considering us and THANK YOU for supporting Healthy, Sporting Competition with Air RIfles.

PLEASE If you have not, Join the NRA.

Foothills Air Rifle Club
ATTN: Don Gifford
28251 Shadow Mountain Drive
Conifer, CO 80433

Thank you for reading this.

I got REALLY excited when you mentioned the Rocky Mountains. But I'm more south of you guys. Good luck with your club!

I live in south central Nebraska and I'm retired, looking for other air rifle people to share good times. Denver is about 4.5-5 hours, I know, a long way, but I wouldn't mind coming out. Don't need much of an excuse to get out of the house for a couple days. Plenty to do in Denver, grab my tent (depending on weather), air rifles, a fishin' pole or 2 and go for it. I have a few springers, not a very good shot, but really like shooting. Relaxing and "time stands still" when I'm looking through a scope.  When, where, etc. etc.

Tell me more, I'm not too far away at all and would love to find some folks to expand my horizons.  I used to go up to Harris Park but haven't shot outside of my basement in a while, it'd be nice to get back outside with some different distances.


Don......I'm glad that you posted over here.

I saw your post on Benchrest Central and was hoping to respond......but I cannot get past the registration police on their forum, so I cannot post.  ;D  I have made many tries to get a hold of the admin over there with no luck.

Anyway....I'm a ways away from you guys in Montrose, CO,  but I would probably make the drive once in a while.  I plan on hosting some FT matches here next summer.  I'm in the process of gathering all of the supplies at the moment.

I'll get a PM to you soon, and maybe we can get on the phone.



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