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Whittlin’ out a GRT-III Trigger

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Sorry Kirk but the GRT triggers will not fit and cannot be modified to fit the Hatsan guns.


old 30-30:
Bob what program are you running. I cut wax for gold and silver all the time. I program parts like your all the time. drill, ream, profile with no jigs just four tabs. When I make some thing I hope one year before it is copied Great work Be safe old 30-30

Yes I noticed the date
But $33 or so for a triger upgrade that actually works-and isn't dangerous
Greatest aftermarket Bargain  of all time
I sure hope one of them will fit my arriving today Crosman Phantom .22-a real bargain at $83 delivered  after rebate
but the trigger upgrade is the bigger bargain-
Poor trigger means you sit there-target swinging back and forth  up and down in your sight-
wondering when it will go off-
so exaggerated-you give it a final JERK

 ;D If I hadn't found this forum and the CDT 4G trigger my Gamo Whisper would be sitting in a corner of my basement rather than doing pesting at my in laws up state NY. I would also be plus ~ $15,000.00 in my savings / mad money acct.  ::) ::) ;D

Mine arrived 2 days ago- 8-9 days after I sent the cash
- I was  shooting 16 minutes after I took it out of the mailbox
 It took 13 minutes-total-to install-this includes taking the stock off-4 screws-
 works great as delivered
It didn't need any adjustment-great right out of the box(envelope)

I used the simplest  install video-monkey see   monkey do-
Most bang for the $$  aftermarket part I have ever installed(cars  trucks  motorcycles bicycles  air rifles)-


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