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"Marauder" Changing RH to LH

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I once seen on video this could be done, but they did not go into detail. How do you change the factory Marauder rifle from Righthand to Lefthand. Or how do you swap the bolt over to Lefthand?

What I have read is that the  Rifle was not changeable, but the pistol would be.
The design of the pistol was changed to allow for the switch.

The position of the bolt latch screw was moved so that it uses a channel in the bottom of the receiver.
There are some pictures on yellow.


OK. How do you remove the bolt? I am wanting to remove the bolt so that I could polish and clean my barrel from the bolt end.

Sorry, but I am also currently discombobulated.


2 things,

The screw at the top rear of receiver, has a spring and ball, for the detent in the bolt.
be careful not to loose the small parts.

Then the bolt screw on the left side.
Bolt will pull right out,
Make sure gun is not cocked first.

I recommend Honda Moly 60 paste for the bolt.

I have a collection of M-rod links on my web page if your interested.

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