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Any Shooting Events In Washington?

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I'm in Seattle area and would be interested in meetups.

Hey guys, I am from seattle and new to the airgun community. I was wondering are there any 10m rifle matches happening in our area ? I did a quick google and didn't find anything.

The kenmore range up north has seasonal airgun league that takes place only in the month of April :(

There is a group that shoots benchrest and field target down around Tacoma, don't know how far that is from you folks.  Here's the url;

I know some of them, nice people.

 Hi all!

 I currently live in Everett and drive to Oso to shoot at a friends property with a sweet set-up for airguns and plenty of room for company. And yes it's a scenic drive indeed! I will present him with with this idea before I go further.

 I am interested in meeting other enthusiasts and the exchange of information that results. I can offer many steel targets, laser range finder, air and chrony to to the mix for others to use and am willing to help in any effort help to learn from others and to improve locations.

 I know it's been half a year since the OP but it's worth doing! An open ended informal meet and greet would be a great start to organize something more.


joel w:
I hope your friends in Oso are ok. We are alive!   We are 2 miles east (upstream) of this landslide and it is a disaster like I have not seen before except May 18th, 1980.   So sad, so few survivors... :'(


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