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A beginners guide to airgun ownership, shooting and accuracy

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Yes Nice work JR!

I like the vacuum trick. One of those "why didn't I think of that" moments!

Great article with some really good ideas that I wouldn't have thought much about until now.  Thanks for all the free tips!  ;D

I have seen this question come up a lot so I figured I would add my response to this thread as well

Shooting 101: Time for a trip back to the basics....

First: how you hold the gun, look up the Artillery hold, firm but not tight into the shoulder crease and loose open palm under the forearm...

Second: sight picture, are you using a scope or open sights? Scopes are actually harder to start out on than open sights, the magnified view magnifies the errors.  Proper sight picture should be: Scope, the crosshairs directly over top of the desired target, Open sights: center the front post in the V of the rear, then put the target siting on top of the front sight.

Third: Breathing, when you are shooting your breathing moves you chest and shoulders around causing the muzzle of the gun to shift all over, to correct for this most shooters actually hold their breath while taking the shot.  Breath normally get your sight picture you will notice as you breath that your sights will rise and fall with your breath, what you do is continue to breath in a normal fashion and rate but watching the sight.  Now take control of your breathing and really pay attention to the forward sight you want to adjust the site so that when you take a full controlled breath the site moves the same amount above the target as it does below the target when you exhale, don't worry after a few thousand shots this well become second nature to you.  Now when you are actually ready to shoot you will take a full breath then let it out until the sights are perfectly aligned and then hold your breath while squeezing the trigger, step four...

Fourth: Trigger control, a lot of people slap or jerk the trigger pulling the shot off to the side.  Place your index finger on the trigger with the blade centered between the tip and the first knuckle, now slow squeeze, the gun firing should be a slight surprise but try not to jump.

Fifth: Follow through, this is very important with a spring gun since the jump a lot and the pellet traverses the barrel relatively slow, compared to Powder Burners.  Maintain your sight picture, continue to hold your breath and apply the same trigger pressure until the pellet has hit the target.

Now breath normally, hopefully you haven't passed out from lack of Oxygen to your brain...

Hi Everyone:  Thanks as always for all the additional tips for shooters -- great summaries!  One question I had to throw out there is about using fishing line to pull patches through the barrel as J.R. had mentioned and the video demonstrates.  I watched all the "Air Gun Academy" video episodes and one of the three episodes related to cleaning your air rifle specifically says **NOT** to use monofilament fishing line to pull patches through the barrel "because it can easily cut into the rifled steel".  How is this possible? ???   I suppose you could be really careful to make sure the line did not touch the bore, but I don't know if I'd want to take the chance.  I'd think the fishing line method would otherwise be a good method for many circumstances.  Any comments from you with far more experience than I?


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