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2013 Western States Field Target Championships - results

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--- Quote from: John B on August 21, 2013, 12:41:52 PM ---Thank you for the report! Any idea of the Troyer rating for the layout?

--- End quote ---
I plan on looking at some data that was collected by Bob, the match manager. But it should have been in the high 30's. Probably 38T.

On our first match it was in the 40's. We toned it down some since then.

The highest rated target at this match was a 50T (before wind multipliers). If we use the full wind multiplier, then it was a 63T. Even though the winds reached as high as 20mph late Sunday, many of the targets are protected to some degree. And the average winds were probably only about 6mph. At times there was almost no wind. So it depends on when you shot a particular target.

The lowest was about a 20T before wind or offhand factors.

The West course had a lot of long shots (50+ yards) with 1.5" and 2" kill zones. The East course had nothing past 45 yards but there were a lot of 3/8" and 1/2" targets at the closer distances.

I think the course was about right for a Grand Prix match.

Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA
Western States Field Target Championships
Match Results 08/17/2013 & 08/18/2013

Hunter/PCP Place   Name   Rifle   Scope   Pellet   Score   Rate
1   Hull, Alan   Benjamin Marauder   UTG 3-12x44   CPH 10.5gr   106/120   88.3%
2   Nunez, Jose   USFT   Hawke ST 4.5-14x42   AA Falcon 13.43gr   96/120   80.0%
3   Cyran, Jim   Daystate Air Wolf   Hawke ST 4.5-14x42   JSB 10.34gr   95/120   79.2%
4   Saenz, Matt   USFT   Hawke Sidewinder 3-12x50   JSB 10.34gr   91/120   75.8%
5   Biergiel, Fred   Daystate Huntsman   Hawke Sidewinder 3-12x50   JSB 10.34gr   86/120   71.7%
6   Templin, Mark   Air Arms 510   UTG 10x50   AA Falcon 13.43gr   78/120   65.0%
7   Schneider, Scott   Benjamin Marauder   Hawke 4-12x   AA 10.33gr   77/120   64.2%
8   Flynn, Justin   Benjamin Marauder   Hawke Sidewinder 3-12x50   AA 10.33gr   76/120   63.3%
9   Culbertson, Michael   Air Arms   Hawke 12x   CPH 10.5gr   73/120   60.8%
10   Durham, Larry   USFT Hunter   Vortex 3-12   H&N 10.65gr   72/120   60.0%
11   Brinkley, Natasha   Air Arms S200   UTG 3-12x44   JSB 10.34gr   70/120   58.3%
12   Burciaga, Art   USFT Hunter #181   UTG 10x50   AA Falcon 13.43gr   66/120   55.0%
13   Brinkley, Nicky   Air Arms S200   UTG 3-12x44   JSB 8.44gr   63/120   52.5%
14   Brinkley, Alex   USFT   UTG 3-12x44   JSB 8.44gr   42/120   35.0%
15 - day 1   Dunning, Gary   Benjamin Discovery   UTG 3-12x44   CPH 10.5gr   18/60   30.0%

Hunter/Piston Place   Name   Rifle   Scope   Pellet   Score   Rate
1   Brinkley, James   Whiscombe JW70   Weaver Kaspa 3-12x44   JSB 8.44gr   98/120   81.7%
2   Hull, Scott   SAG QB58   UTG 3-12x44   JSB 7.87gr   86/120   71.7%
3   Carmello, Jeff   Diana/RWS 54   Centerpoint 3-12x44   JSB 10.34gr   81/120   67.5%
4   Smith, Lonnie   Weihrauch HW77   Simmons 6.5-20x50@12x   JSB 8.44gr   57/120   47.5%
5   Koch, Ryan   Beeman R9   Sightron 4-16x42@12x   CPL 7.9gr   46/120   38.3%
6   Baldwin, William   Air Arms TX200   UTG 3-12x44   H&N 10.65gr   40/120   33.3%
7   Bowen, Richard   Air Arms TX200   Hawke Varmint 2.5x10   H&N 8.64gr   38/120   31.7%

Open/PCP Place    Name   Rifle   Scope   Pellet   Score   Rate
1   Marquez, Rizalde   Steyr LG110   Sightron 10-50x60   JSB 10.34gr   109/120   90.8%
2   Miller, Doug   FWB P-70 DM   Nikko 10-50x60   CPH 10.5gr   107/120   89.2%
3 - shoot off   Tramel, Bill   USFT   Nikko 10-50x60   AA Falcon 13.43gr   99/120   82.5%
4 - shoot off   Sanchez, Jorge   USFT   Leupold   AA Falcon 13.43gr   99/120   82.5%
5 - shoot off   Lu, Son   Steyr LG110   Sightron 10-50x60   JSB 10.34gr   99/120   82.5%
6   Doganis, George   Steyr LG110   Sightron 10-50x60   JSB 10.34gr   99/120   82.5%
7 - tie   Miller, Vipha   FWB P-70 DM   Leupold 30x Competition   CPH 10.5gr   97/120   80.8%
7 - tie   Whittlesey, Jim   USFT #15   Nikko 10-50x60   AA 10.33gr   97/120   80.8%
9   McMurray, Tim   USFT #7 HPA   Leupold 35x Competition   JSB 13.43gr   93/120   77.5%
10   Merritt, Chris, Tim   USFT   UTG 6-24x56   CPH 10.5gr   92/120   76.7%
11   Alfaro, Hector   USFT #121   Premier Optics 20-50x   CPH 10.5gr   90/120   75.0%
12   Burns, Wayne   USFT #6 & #57   BSA 10-50x60   H&N 10.65gr   86/120   71.7%
13   Otsuka, Alan   RAW TM1000   NightForce   JSB 7.9gr   81/120   67.5%
14   Farina, Patrick   USFT #239   Leupold 35x Competition   JSB 13.43gr   71/120   59.2%
15   Iglesias, Carlos   Air Arms 400   Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56   JSB 8.44gr   64/120   53.3%
16   House, Dan   Benjamin Marauder   UTG 6-24x56   CPH 10.5gr   60/120   50.0%
17 - day 1   Pacheco, Vince   RAW TM1000   Nikko 10-50x60   JSB 8.44gr   50/60   83.3%

Open/Piston Place   Name   Rifle   Scope   Pellet   Score   Rate
1   Ko, Eric   Crosman Nitro Venom   ?? 12X   CPL 7.9gr   51/120   42.5%
2   Jobbes, Ron   Air Arms TX200   Bushnell 32x   JSB 8.44gr   49/120   40.8%

WFTF/PCP Place   Name   Rifle   Scope   Pellet   Score   Rate
1   Yee, Kevin   Walther   Tasco   AA Falcon 7.33gr   105/120   87.5%
2   Gravelle, Mark   Benjamin Marauder   Hawke ST 8.5-25x42   CPH 10.5gr   55/120   45.8%

WFTF/Piston Place   Name   Rifle   Scope   Pellet   Score   Rate
1   Heggem, Allan   Air Arms TX200   Bushnell Elite 6-24x40   H&N 8.64gr   67/120   55.8%

Match director: Scott Hull
Assistant match director: Alan Hull
Match manager: Bob Sloan
Match assistants: Lara Cathcart, Georgina, Shari McKelvy + others
Course designer: Scott Hull
Course setters: Scott Hull, Jim Cyran, Wayne Burns, Lonnie Smith
Cooks: Tim Scott, Frank Simon, Scott Hull, Sidewalk Market & Deli

The Western States Field Target Championships were held by the Morro Bay Airgunners at the SLSBA range this last weekend on the 17th and 18th of August, 2013. We had near perfect California Central Coast weather with temperatures in the high 70's for most of the match. We set a moderate difficulty course expecting the typical winds that usually arrive in the later mornings. We were not dissappointed in that respect. The average winds were what we hoped for though some of us slow pokes finishing on the far lanes had brief periods of 20mph winds to deal with.

We wanted a match of at least 20 people and planned the courses to handle 60. We ended up with 44 shooters. The availability of the shower at the neighboring Cowboy Action range encouraged more people to camp out at the range. One thing that shooters enjoy as much as competing, and that is eating. We planned food for 50 but quickly realized that with all the campers spending the nights, that would not be enough. We adapted. Having all meals available at the course allows us to have a one stop event where no one has to drive anywhere from Friday through Sunday. That gives us maximum time to practice, compete, eat, and just shoot the bull. I planned on having the best match with just a modest entry fee in order to attract the most shooters possible. A number of the members of the SmallBore club donated their time to make sure that our needs were met. That effort, along with the generous donations by those attending allowed us make it all possible and stay well in the black. Excess contributions will be used by the club to further improve the facilities.

We are already making plans to improve things for the 2014 Western states Match. We hope to have a full house. Look for the registration to be posted on this web site in January of 2014.
Scott Hull

Check back later for an expanded report. A narrative and pictorial will follow at a future date.

Thanks Motorhead. You saved me some effort.

Pictures progressing from from day 1 to day 2. Courtesy of Bob Sloan. Bob is one of our club members and has been helping out a lot with the range preparation. He camped out at the match and did anything we needed to help make it run smoothly.


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