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Auctions benefiting the US World Field Target Team! **ONE DAY LEFT**

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This post has been approved by our Admin staff in an effort to show the GTA's continued support of the US Field Target team and the sport of field target as a whole!

My Fellow GTA members:

As some of you may know, we have a group of forum members and fellow Airgunners that will be heading to Germany at the end of the month to shoot in the World Field Target Championship.  In an effort to give our US shooters as much support and backing as we can, myself and members of the team have been hard at work trying to secure sponsorship's with various companies and brands.  It is my pleasure to say that a few of this forums very own vendors stepped up and answered the call by donating items that we are auctioning off!  It is my hope that in the future, more sponsors will be willing (and able) to support our US Field Target Teams in an effort to put our best shooters in a position to bring a WFTF title back to the US!  Just to be clear, all proceeds are going directly back to the shooters to help offset the high costs of travel and lodging.

If you have not seen the team website yet, please give it a look at:

Here are the links to the auctions already underway featuring items from the GTA's fantastic vendors:

Pyramyd Air

Mac1 Airguns


Airgun Lab

Rapid Air Weapons

For those of you who may not be able to partake in the auctions but want to help out with an individual donation (any amount big or small would be a phenomenal help) please PM or email me at

If any of the forum vendors that did not get in on this years sponsorship and would like to discuss donating to next years effort, please contact me at 

Thank you for looking and thanks to our most gracious sponsors for making this possible!

This is why I like this forum so much... It's the good folks who come here.

Time and time again, the GTA membership has proved to be honorable, generous, and selfless.
 I am glad to be a member here and proud to be amongst such fine company.
 Just last week, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the CASA / GTA members and shooting with them at their FT match in Chino Hills.
My daughter and I will certainly be spending some more time with them.

Go GTA / USATeam !
Good Luck to you all and bring it back home for us!

Thanks Ron!  Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Now to everyone else out there, get to bidding!  These auctions will be going for the next 6 days, so keep an eye on the items you want so you don't lose out on a good deal!


An Update here:

The initial pics on the Marauder stock were of the incorrect stock, my mistake.  I have added more pics to reflect the correct stock.  The pics were of a Disco stock that Norm has graciously added in to the auction!

Here is the new link to the Disco stock auction

Thanks to Norm for his fantastic generosity! 


Placed my bid....let's keep it going folks!!!!
Wow, some really neat stuff thanks to our fantastic member/vendors.
MANY thanks to them for the outstanding support of us airgun nuts and our USAWFT Team!!!!
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!


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