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Red dot pistol scope / Best buy for an Alecto suggestions please


Is there consensus on this forum on one or two compact models for squirrel pest control ?
And who is the best on line store to shop for it.
Mooser ;)

Red dot sights are a matter of personal taste. Reflex styles offer excellent field of view and may be well suited for pesting. I've had several reflex red dots from most of the major brand names and all performed well - Barska, Tru-Glo, BSA, and Walther. I even scored an inexpensive one from China off EBay that also works quite well.

Tube style dot sights are very good for target shooting. Millett and Ultradot are my preferred brands in this category. I do not like the 30mm tube as much as the 1" tube.

Frank in Fairfield:
I use an ultradot on my MKIII 22 at the indoor range. Very nice.
I just ordered a Hawke HK3205 from AMAZON. They will ship via OpticsPlanet.
I will like it, I am sure.


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