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umarex "steel storm"

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i picked up one of these on a whim a couple weeks ago. i reall dont want to admit out loud, but i am having a hard time putting it down. in expensive to buy, really fun to blast away with. i think i have spent almost an equal ammount on co2 caplest and bbs as i did to buy it allready. i know that these arent normaly discussed by us "serious" air gunners, but comeon folks ,its kinda fun to let loose in 6 rnd auto mode. i am planning to disassemble it soon to see if i can fab up a longer barrel with a fake suppressor and maybe even a shorty shoulder stock. will post pics soon if i can make something work.

Before you go spending big money on that Umarex have a look at Drozd Blackbird. With available modifications they clock 900+fps and have 1200rpm full auto + a magazine that holds over 600 BBs.

Considering getting this "fun gun" for my teenager for Christmas.
Should make for some surprised people at the local range.

i must ammend my original post.  this was inexpensive to buy.around 80 bucks. i have taken it apart, and just finished a 20" rifled steel barrel upgrade{taken from an old crosman pump rifle,shrouded it and coloerd it black to match}will do the test drive in the morning,after the paint dries. as soon as i pick up the fore grip,i will post a pic or two.

Just a suggestion for you, but putting lots of steel BBs down that new rifled bore will eventually wear it out, and the twist will not help stabilize the BBs a bit.
It would cost you quite a bit more to shoot them, but I'd recommend some of the lead BBs, both to prevent rifling damage and also because they should probably stabilize.


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