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Marauder Investment

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Here is the scope I purchased. I plane on bolting it to my Marauder pistol just like in video.


I have both rifles and while I like springers (including NPSS), the Marauder will outshoot the NPSS by a mile. Just the nature of the beast.

I have about $250 in the Hawke Eclipse scope, and $650 in the cf 88cu rig with gauge, hoses, adapters, etc. I don't really count the tank because it works for any other PCPs I buy. In fact, the more I buy, the cheaper the tank gets!

There is some airgun logic for you.

I wasn't criticizing you, hope you don't think I was. 

I hadn't seen that video, I enjoyed it, thanks for posting it.  I may have to pick me up one of those pistols when they're available  :)


yea the initial costs of a pcp can really add up!  I'm about to jump into it maybe at the beginning of the new year

newguyontheblock (Nathan):
i think he was going to put a lot of money into brand new gear, not because of top notch quality, which used will suffice. but i bet he did it because he can lol, trust me i would!!


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