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The North Carolina state FT championship will be held............

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on September 14th in Mount pleasant, NC. Please mark you calendar and I hope to see everyone on this weekend. The tournament will be on Saturday and I have also had some interest with a few traveling a long way to get here. So I am also planning a shoot on Sunday as well and may involve a springer day and a pistol shoot. Send me a email if any questions or interest. I will also have a few extra rifles if anyone would like to come out and give it a try.
Chris Berry

This is a newly sanctioned Field Target club and all are welcome to come and "run with what ya brung" as long as it's 20fpe or under.
About 30 miles from Charlotte, NC
About 50 miles from Statesville, NC
About 60 miles from Winston-Salem, NC
About 70 miles from Greensboro, NC
About 120 miles from Raleigh, NC and Durham, NC
And about 125 miles from my home in Rougemont, NC  :o


Thanks for posting Ed! I hope you are going to be down also. I will be taking vacation the week leading into the tournament and will have my range open up to anyone that would like to come early and do some sighting in. I hope we see a good turn out and I think some of my buddies from West Virginia maybe coming. I hope!

Bob in WV:
I think a few of us are coming down if nothing happens Chris.  Looking forward to it.

Bob in WV

Random Plinker:
I'm now just south of you in Waxhaw Chris.  After moving, I both need to get back to shooting and I could use a vacation!  I'd love to take you up on an early sight in outing to your range.  Looking forward to it.

Sounds great and will be doing plenty of shooting the week leading into the tournament. I am going to the Nationals in October with Scott Allen and I need plenty of practice time! Should be a great week and here is my phone number. 919/749-0384. I am also taking vacation time next week if you want to shoot.


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