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FT pistol needs?

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I see the AAFTA's regs limit pistols to 12fpe at a max of 30yrds, and 12x max magnification. Are there any other factors that should be considered when pistol shopping?

What are the "no holds barred" guys shooting these days?

Maximum Barrel length is 15", including any and all attachments.

The complete set of AAFTA rules are here...

Does a stock Crosman 1720T with a Hawke Varmint 3-12X44mm scope qualify?


Frank in Fairfield:
So, I think the Crosman 1701P would be perfect....Or the Crosman .177 copy of the PRod (without stock, of course).


--- Quote from: John B on July 18, 2013, 01:56:25 PM --- Believe Jim Stanis won that match that year with his "gangsta" theoben pistol.

--- End quote ---

That is a very interesting gun... this discipline is so full of intriguing options. I'm just trying to wrap my feeble mind around dimes @50 with a pistol. You can't just buy your way into that.  8)


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