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Barrel Bending 101

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Steve, did you look at Tom's write up?
He goes into it in more depth with more pictures but I'll take a couple more pictures and add them.
Basically you lay the barrel assembly in the jig. You need 2-3 wood blocks cut from a 2x4 in lengths of 1, 2 & 3" pieces. I put a 1" at the breech to cushion it. Then placed a 3" piece out as close to the tip of the barrel as possible. I wrapped a piece of cloth (Tom used a piece of leather cut from an old belt) wrapped around the barrel JUST ahead of the breech block. There is where you set the C-clamp. All bending is made at the breech block. And the barrel will be bent in the direction you want the pellet to go, it's that simple. I had to bend my barrel right and up.
Tom's description is better than mine but I'll add more photos later today.

thanks, i'm sorry. spoke too soon and tried to correct it. i had totally skipped over the link.

I took a few more pictures of the actual process.
Bend the barrel in the direction you need the pellet to go.
All bends are made by applying the pressure to the barrel at the breech block.
Have a wood wedge as far out on the muzzle as safely possible to get more for less work.
Use a piece of leather or thick cloth to protect the barrel from being scarred by the clamp.
Work slow and good luck!!!

Although airgun barrels are not hardeded and are a softer steel, you can overdo it if you're not careful. In that case, just roll the barrel over in the opposite direction and try a less aggressive bend. But you will have to put quite a bit of force on the clamp to get a bend. The barrel will spring back after you release it but take your time. Try it a little at a time to get a feel for it.

Thanks for the link/photos and write up. 

If I ever need to do it I will know how

uncle paulie:
Great "how-to" Dave! I think we need to get this one into the library!



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