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Air Venturi Intermount for Benjamin and Sheridan pumpers


I just got my intermount in tonight for my sheridan and put it on and mounted my trusty old bushnell banner 3-9x32 on it.  I am glad that this mount allows the mounting of a rifle scope on these guns as I have too many of those laying around and no long relief scopes (and the wife would have my hide for buying another scope.)  That being said there are a few flaws in the design, first off while the machining is nice on the mounts, the anodizing is more brown than black and does not even come close to matching the gun or the weaver rail that ships with it.   Next thing is they should have brought the sides of the mount down a little further and matched the contour of the air tube, doing so would have made for an easier install and a little more stability to the mount, as is it took a little trial and error to get the thing aligned just right, more so than any scope mount I've ever dealt with in the past.  When first installed it was throwing pellets way left (like 6-8" at 15 yards.)   I loosened and tightened everything several times, and tried to cheat the mount a little right to no avail.   Finally I turned the rail backwards from how it is shown on PA's website and it brought me right on target.  I would leave it this way, but it makes the bolt a bear to open with the rail towards the back, so I will try flipping it back this weekend and see if I can keep it on target.  Final complaint is the lack of any documentation with mine.  I got the mount in a plastic bag with no directions of any kind.   But I would buy another one if I had it to do again, it has totally transformed my gun, I can finally take those 35 yard sparrows that have been taunting me lately.  So while it was not an entirely smooth install it was still worth the $25. 


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