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Let's See Those British Bombshells!!! (UK/English pic thread)

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Now that there is a brand new UK Gate, what better way to help kick it off than with pictures?! ;D ;D

I'll go first (not that my pics are that great) and here's a picture of my UK Webley Patriot on the bottom, along with my neighbor's David Slade tuned, gas-rammed Beeman Kodiak (exact same rifle) on the top.  Both are in the hard-hitting .25 cal and dish out some serious power. ;D

Now, let's see some other pictures of your UK/English hardware!

Ah ha ha!
I knew this was going to start!

BTW, folks...that's .25 calibers of springer mayhem in those two posts above.
What a better way to break in this new gate! ;D ;D

The Patriots Turk .177,, English .25,, Turk .25...

BSA Meteor Super Mk4 .177 - restored... and I forgot about the BSA Meteor Mk6 .177

Firing that Mk6 Meteor (Gamo made) is almost as sweet as the Mk4...

The BSA Lightning XL

Here's my Bowkett blueprinted Mk3 BSA S10 BBK with MTC Viper Connect Scope


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