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Swift 6x24x50


  Hi Folks, just wanted to write a bit on a new scope i just mounted up, a swift premier 6x24x50AO.  I've been wanting a higher power scope since i got my marauder but didn't want to go with inexpensive glass, such as a leapers 6x18x50 i had for a while that was the toughest scope to see through i've ever dealt with. Tiny field of view, easily blacked out without perfect alignment, substandard glass and very hazy above12x or so. I also didn't have the funds for one of the leupold or Burris AO models but when i had a chance to trade for this swift, i jumped all over it. Swift is a seldom seen brand but one thats generally well thought of. As i said though, they are hard to find at retailers but have a steady following among budget minded shooters who still want good glass.  They were assembled in the U.S., Japan and now Korea, but use premium U.S. made Shott multicoated lenses and other materials and parts from the U.S..  I have no idea where mine was actually assembled as it has no markings on it anywhere stating origin. I don't mind that a bit. Sometimes it's better not to know.

  I have to say that this is the highest quality, best adjusted, clearest scope i've ever used. Strong accurate clicks from the turrets, the AO and the adjustment mag knob both turn with some resistence, but yet very easily and smoothly. Better than several leupolds i've had.  The glass is as bright and clear as any i've ever looked through, i'm SO impressed with the clarity. Also, it seems there is a lot of room on the AO so you don't have to be exactly in a certain spot to clearly see your target, that helps in hunting situations where you might not be able to focus exactly. Also, i was able to focus both at 20 or so yards and at 200+y using 24X magnification, i'm awed by the clarity at lower levels and still quite impressed with clarity at 18x and above. I'm sure though, this is where a $1000.00 leupold in the same power would be VERY much clearer at the high magnifications. Still, it's a very usable scope and i think the nicest scope i've ever had for airgunning purposes, even if it is not a springer rated scope. It will do great on a pcp gun and should be a consideration for anyone looking for high end performance on a budget. These scopes can be had in  the $200.00 range.  I'll post more thoughts on it and some pics after i've used it a bit more.      J


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