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Leupold 2x7x32


 I'll be reveiwing this new leupold over the next few weeks but thought i'd start typing now, even though it was just shipped today. It's a 2-7 power VX1 that was ordered through the factory custom shop as it's a non AO scope that i had parallax adjusted to 25 yards. Planet optics sells these scopes with all kinds of options, then 6-8 weeks later, your custom scope is shipped out. Some of the mods, like my parallax adjustment, are quite inexpensive($10.00) and others, like gold etching or certain reticules, cost lots more. Either way, it lets you do a rare thing in the world of scopes, get a factory custom.  This scope is an inexpensive one for a leupold, only about $230.00, including the custom work and shipping.. but is still a "made in America" scope thats fully airgun/springer guarenteed for life.

  I chose this scope and that close range parallax for a specific purpose and gun, a nice little HW30 in .22 that deserves fairly good quality optics and this was my best option for my budget after doing lots of checking. The leupold allowed me to get an airgun parallax setting, gloss finish to create the "look" i'm seeking, springer rating, quality glass/optics and is perfectly sized to the tiny HW30 at 9" long and 9oz in weight. Thats an amazing combination by all airgunning standards, not found since Beeman quit importing their fine mini scopes and maybe not then. I should have this scope within a few days and will start using and reveiwing it immediately. I hope to find that it's the perfect scope option for folks who want a nice scope for their springers without the weight and adjustable objective typically associated with springer rated scopes.   J

good deal bro i just got two nikko stirling game kings trade for work type deal very good glass for a budget scope

 I've never had the pleasure of examining a Nikko, but i've heard great things about them Pindog. Sounds like a great trade off. ;D

  As for this little leupold, i just got it mounted on my little HW30 and all i can say is WOW.  It is of course a good looking and oh so light little scope. What blows me away is when i look through it and it feels like i'm looking through a 3x9x40 or bigger. Very bright and very clear, i can only imagine what a VX3 would be like. For a mid priced scope, it is very impressive. Another point to be brought up is the 25 yard parallax adjustment.  It is allowing me to focus as close as 10 feet away clearly, if i use the 2X setting. At higher power it is fine out to about 40 yards, then i can see some parallax movement at 50+. Also clarity is reduced past that 50 yard mark so this scope is only useful on close range guns but it will serve it's purpose well. I'll post if any issues come up but otherwise i would HIGHLY recommend any of the VX1 scopes from the custom shop with adjusted parallax. They are about double the cost of the typical chinese import but to have a true lifetime warrenty, be made in the U.S., be of obviously high quality and to be as clear as they are, they are a bargain imho.   Jeff Ogden

Dr. JonnyReb.........that is a fine setup!!! Leupold is fine stuff!!

Thanks for the pics, I really wanted to check it out after you started the thread.

mmmmmmmm.........sure looks nice, thinkin I need one of those puppies!

So you actually ordered it through Planet Optics?

Thanks for sharing Jeff!


 Dean.. i think we see things on a similar parallax ::) and i agree that yes... you need one. ;D

 Go to planet optics and find the leupold scopes, then notice that every 2 or 3rd scope, is from the custom shop. Click on whatever power scope your looking for and a huge list of options are available to choose from. Keep in mind that i opted for a 25 yard parallax setting for a very close range gun. Past 75 yards it really wasn't optimal viewing. This is a good option for close range but a 30-50 yard parallax setting would make more sense for folks who hunt or plink at various longer ranges. Click on the link and scroll down for the available options.   J


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