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I think I broke it.... How to rebuild my G1???

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I was shooting tonight and I had previously sighted the gun in the night before... took it out and it was shooting almost off the sights at 20 yards ???....  so I ran some more pellets through it sighted it back in.. AND the whole time I'm thinking wtH is that noise and why did this happen?  I have a brand new scope on the gun..    well the gun started making weird noises while shooting.  

If I hold the gun and shake it you can hear something...  moving back and forth.. :'(  So I've read some articles at CDT website, but could someone give me some more details on how to go about rebuilding my g1.  Obviously something is broke.

I've found this..

But I'd like to get more detailed advice on lubing and also I've heard people mention Honing and deburing.....

I've heard people mention getting springs and seals from this  place
  I'd like to get a stronger spring.  and better quality seals.  

one last thing is at the  at the pivot point I'd like to make that tigheter aso there is no play at that point..


First off..... you HAVE to build yourself a spring compressor... these are NOT toys on the inside and they can take off body parts punch out eyes and I would imagine kill you pretty easily taking them apart and reassembling them without the proper tools....

if you are mechanically inclined its not that big of a deal and everything is pretty straight forward... if your not you really should consider have it tuned by someone!! its s shame the post is gone on the old forum or you could see the damage one of these springs can do....
 err here lemme dig up a couple pics...

that's the power these springs have.... I was putting a b-3 back together and was cycling the action getting the sears to set.. the sear caught and as I was releasing the lever it let go and I caught the cocking lever with my face.....  ambulance trip to the hospital and some stitches because the had to sew my eyelid back together..... 

I would suggest reading all the material you can find  before you take on tearing into one of these things and reread it all till you have a good understanding of how it works meanwhile build your spring compressor and THEN try tearing into one and having some fun......

BTW I have 20+ years exp working on firearms 12+ year working with paintball markers plus a ton of other hobbies that build on mechanical skills... it just goes to show that even being skilled AND safe, things happen... so as silly as it may sound to you we preach safety and proper equipment here for a reason!!!!!

Oh and BTW sounds like you have a broke spring!! lol dont shoot it anymore till you have it fixed as it WILL screw up the insides trying to shoot it like that.....

 What a BUMMER, Just got the sweet gold trigger, and the spring lets go.
 Here is a link for a spring compressor.

Buy it complete . Here is a link to one that you can build yourself, with blueprint.
 Good luck, snookman

Thanx for the responses. sorry to hear about that injury Mike looks painful.  I am mechanically inclined.  I work in construction as of now.  I've done this since I was 15.  I am currently looking for a job as a manufacturing/drafting engineer.  Just graduated last fall with a physics with engineering emphasis degree.

But I don't have experience in rebuilding spring air guns so I'll need the help of people on the forum who actually know what they are doing.. and have done this before.  lol
   i've looked at the jigs and I'll probobly buy some type of bar clamp to assist me because using a lag bolt or other.. doesn't seem as safe. 

Well I'm going to build a compressor and open the gun up today.  I won't be shooting it anymore, so I'm going to find a broken spring... wow  I guess this is why I shouldn't buy a crosman factory replacement huh?



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