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I DEFINITELY know that feeling Bob.
And hey, you old timers have THIS thread to use to welcome newcomers too. Since I'm sure a lot of you have limited time also, even though you welcomed new folks in your thoughts and prayers.

After your married 45 years, it's great to have a place for humor, venting,
 and still learn things.  I'll tell you its great.

Welcome to the GTA, it's a great place to be and make friends as well as learn alot from others in the airgun world of enthusiasts, enjoy it and have fun!

Hey DEz! Look!  You even got Ernie's attention! ;D

Thanks for the welcome.  This is a great place to be.  And for the record, we appreciate you too. (Now, if you could just hear that from "the boss" every now and then...I'm sure she appreciates you, too...maybe)

Hello all you airgun geeks!

My name is jeff and i am an airgun geek. oops! Wrong forum!  Wait, my names jeff and I'm an airgun geek, but it isnt a big problem. i can quit airguns any time i want, seriously. Okay, quiting airguns might be a lil problem.

I found your forum while searching for a spring guide for an old springer that I'm tuning for a neighbor. it is a B3 that, apparently is the usual badly made by a chinese six year old in some sweatshop in shanghai pellet rifle. the spring guide is sheared off at the base of the part, as well as cracking on the back side of the bore, too. i am looking for someone who is fabbing or capable of fabbing the part. there are a million B3s out in the world and this one cant be the only one with this problem.

anyway, as for me and my airgun "problem", ive been doing airguns, I mean serious airgunner, for about five years. i had occasion to luck into three career air rifles, and instantly was hooked. i did have an old generic CO2 rifle as a kid, and never really got serious about airguns, then, as i moved right on ti firearms from there. but when i found the career air rifles, like i said, instant geek, from that tIme on.

 i started working on airguns after the air force talon i purchased had some issues. while it is a fine shooting machine, it just didnt have the poop that it shouldve had and i started looking online for solutions to the problem. I am still working on the talon slow but sure. Ive only had it a month and given it a decent tune up. i dont have a chrony but can feel the difference in the way it fires.

I'm also getting ready to do a home build pcp gun.  seeing the simplicity of the talon allowed me to understand the process in its entirety and ive always been a tinkerer, so....

with all of these pcp guns i have i use a heavier pellet and the eun jins are the only ones i find that I'd buy again. thats the problem though, they seem so darn hard to find. Ninety percent of the ammunition i use is .25 cal and you cant just run down the the five and dime d anand pick up a tin. as a consequence, I'm pondering seriously, getting a swaging setup and making my own pellets for the big bore guns. I'm interested in what other big bore gunners think about optimum pellet shape. i know theres a market niche for better big bore air gun projectiles, small as it may be, with all that mullah into the swaging set up, why not help a brother out and share the wealth. but thats all down the road and I'm still lookin for a spring guide for a B3.



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