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G1 chrony numbers.....

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My older G1, before I replaced the spring and seal.. the cocking effort seams' less but was accurate as heck. I had been using 10.5 CPHP because that's what it was spitting in the same hole on target and was more quiter than 7.9. I shot over 10 tins of 500 over the years so it was time to refurbish the power plant. The old seal still look good but turned yellowish, the spring was approx. inch shorter. Got it deburred and lubed (moly & tar) and was amazingly smooth when put back together. Her regular diet now is 7.9 for it's pinpoint accuracy and shoots 926-916fps.

you need some karma bentong!!!   they said it gets your chee  going lol!!!  take that now you got some  thanks david

yea, tonight I was shooting and heard weird noises...  when I shake the gun I hear the spring shaking back and forth??? I'm openin a new thread I need to rebuild this thing.


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