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Sighting In a Scope

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Yup, Atchman got it, we need to know rifle, scope, mount, and pellet.  It would also help to know how much experience you have shooting springers, and if you've ever heard of the "artillery" hold.  Springers are funny beasts, most require a pretty specific shooting technique, and can be pretty uncooperative if they don't get it.  They're also all individuals, even two identical models can show marked differences in pellet preference.  So give us more info, and maybe we can help you "zero in" on the problem :-).  Later.


We assume you are using scopes rated for airguns. Using a one piece scope mount and cleaning the dove tail groves on the gun may help with the scope moving on you. Once you get the scope to stop moving on you.  Then you can work on getting your grouping down to size. AND that my Friend is the question and what we all are doing every time we shoot. Like Airiscool said everyone is looking for the right "gun/sight/pellet combo"  keep us posted on your progress

How many of you guys use a 10 yard zero?....I found for my guns it works great, I hold under at 30 yards. and i'm almost dead on at 60 yards.

I sighted my gun for 10 yards and i'm dead on at 50 as well. Like you said at 30 yards i'm shooting about an inch high but I can compensate easily enough. I actually just dropped a rabbit last night at close to 55 yards and I thought for sure it was a stretch to get the headshot but sure enough held dead on and its POI was perfect. :)

Backyard Hunter:
Thanks for all your replies.  I am using a Simmon 3-9x32 22 MAG scope on a Daisy Powerline model 1000 with Crosman Premier Hollow Point hunting pellets.  This is my first break-barrel style of air gun.  I generally keep the scope on 5 power.   I think it is rated for an airgun.  When I had this combination sighted-in I could bring down a squirrel from half way up a large oak tree with one shot.  I've got some Loctite in my shop, but I am curious about the one piece scope mount that Yellowstone mentioned.  What is special about it?  Also, what is a "artillery" hold?  And an explanation of the "10 yard zero" would be appreciated.


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