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Sighting In a Scope

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First things's Best to "zero" your scope  on max magnification in your case 9xs.  A 1 piece mount for your scope is just a solid base with the scope rings is easier to install (align correctly) And on a magnum springer it is better to use because it is so solid...IE resist movement

However you can still use your 2 piece rings just fine, most have an internal scope stop screw for the rear ring which you screw into the base on your rifle.

The 10 yards zero I was talking about is just how far I setup my rifle to shoot exactly where I am aiming. You can set your "zero" at whatever distance you want...( but it is best to setup at the distance you normally shoot, or will be shooting your targets)

I would you suggest you try searching youtube for some of these same terms... there are great videos posted, trust me.

search "artillery hold" is better if you see it rather than us try to explain exactly how you hold the gun. But you are holding the rifle in your hand but just barely supporting it so that it can go through its recoil cycle without being disturbed.

P.S. It sounds like you are unsure if your scope is for an airgun or not.. It is crucial that it is airgun rated especially on a spring powered gun! otherwise that scope will not hold up to the recoil of an airgun.

I think it is kind of cool that airgun scopes are better made, and can be used on firearms...but firearm scopes cant be used on airguns. (unless u have a recoil) ;)

The one piece mounts usually have more bolts holding it on and thus is more stable.  I have some four bolt one piece mounts, but if your gun is hard to keep a scope on you may want to invest in five bolt mounts.  

I have one of the Simmons scopes, but I'm not sure it is air gun rated. I put mine on my Sheridan pump gun since it doesn't have recoil.  

As for the artillery hold, you can find videos on it on the internet.  The thing about it is that you don't grip the gun tight like a powder burner.  You have to let if float in your hand.  

For example if I'm shooting on a rest, the gun isn't held it rests on the back of my arm or hand.  I also try not to grip it hard, but just firmly with my right hand.  Also depending on which one of my guns it is, I just let it rest against my shoulder, I don't press it against my shoulder.  If you do it right, it feels like it is too loose to shoot correctly.  

The artillery hold helps to compensate for the unique dual recoil of an air rifle.
Here is a video to illustrate the hold.  

Hope we've helped!  


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