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i have a question with the airgun matches

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fl tom:
i cant ask them there so ill ask them here. are you just suppose to send pics of your target in after you shoot? if so its all based on the honor system and that leaves alot to be desired. its just a question and im not trying to wet anyone off

Well ft tom,

We do ask those participating to post photos of their targets. And I hope that WE are ALL men and women of HONOR !

After all the GTA is ONE BIG Family here.  And if someone didn't follow the rules, they would only be fooling themselves !

Basically because everyone is interested in their scores.  ;)


Since there's no prizes given out for the matches....there should be no flubbing in the scores unless the competitor need to raise his/her own prestige (Which we only know them by their screen name only).

I would think most target shooters shoot the matches as practice....and a little friendly competition is an added bonus.

When I participate in the competitions, I only look at beating my best scores. No real competition with others here. Just good ole fun and self satisfaction. Like Bill said if you think adding some spice to your scores it is only fooling yourself and where is the gain. Bill runs shooting events on other forums so thanks to him and Stan we an all enjoy shooting and posting our scores in the appropriate shooting forum. It is all in fun guys and gals. That is just one facet of the airgun community..:)

Have fun and be safe.

id think everyone is honest because if you post these great scores all the time and then someday there is a GTA meet or something and you go to shoot and you dont even hit the paper
i think people will know lol


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