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Basic springer lubing guide

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Thanks Bob.

You oily devil, you slipped this one by us!  ;)  What're you gonna use to sticky it to the top?  Moly or some of that mystery lube?   ;D  Don't forget - that silicone oil is just the ticket for old leather piston and breech seals, too.  Can't forget great-Grand Pa's gun.  (I'd a just said Grand Pa but, after looking in the mirror, guess I've skipped a generation.)

Hi Red and you are right  ... but... though the silicone acts as a sealer, it does not condition the seal itself. To be used as a leather conditioner it also needs NeatsFoot oil or some similar leather conditioning product as part of the lubricant. Below is what I concocted years ago and it does an excellent job.
Charlie’s Leather Seal Sauce…… (Chamber Lube for leather seal guns)……

Mix 1 part NeatsFoot oil to 3 parts 100% Silicone Shock oil.  .  Example: 1 ounce of NeatsFoot oil and 3 ounces of Silicone Oil. Also, ¼ ounce of Teflon can be added if you have it. That will be enough to last for years if used just as a chamber/leather lube. Used only for guns having a leather seals.

 It's included in the "All about lubricants" file in the library.


AWESOME ok im I dont even know how I got to this guide great read just the kind of knolege I need thanks cdt

Hi Bob, excellent post. I'm in the middle of an old BSA build, always nice have the GTA as my guide. Save me having fill up my memory space lol:)
Regards , Tony


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