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950 fps - The Magic Number

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Just a few thoughts based on my experience and measurements....

1. As you push velocities into the transonic region (over Mach 0.8-0.85 ie 900-950 fps) accuracy often suffers due to buffeting....

2. As you push velocities into the transonic region the Ballistics Coefficient (and hence the wind drift) suffers....

3. At a velocity of 950 fps, the FPE is double the pellet weight.... Unimportant, but it makes for an easy calculation....

I use 950 fps as my "speed limit".... If the gun is capable of exceeding that, I change to a heavier pellet.... and ultimately a larger caliber....


Great info Bob. Helpful and informative as always

Awesome, great info ...

Great information that's broken down into language most us can understand. And kind of "rule of thumb"ish.

I agree Bob that 950 is the best all around number for velocity and anytime I did a tune, I hated to see anything above that knowing that as it broke in that it may gain 10-20 fps.


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