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Child Boards ??

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Why are the words "Child Boards" used on the target gates sticky ?   Are we to assume these matches are for children only or,  were the matches founded by a person with the last name Child?  ...

LOL at my question if you want, but in light of what is in the headlines nowadays regarding some university athletic programs, I am a bit uncomfortable hanging around on "child" boards. Anyone know the answer to my question ?  TIA

I think that is a mistake. I'll check.

I guess I'm blind. I went to the first 5-6 target gates and opened the stickies. I see Child Board nowhere in or on the sticky.
Not to be concerned, Child Board is the name for a sub-gate of the main topic. Nothing to do with ANYTHING else. No it's not for children only. Just the name given by forum software, which we didn't write.
Thanks for pointing that out so a better description or screenshot would help.
Happy Shooting!!!!

My apologies for the improper verbage as you guys are correct, "child" is not in a sticky .   When one looks at the Shooting Match Gates on the main forum page, the word is under the moderators list.

It's under ALL gates that have sub-gates. And again, it's forum software that does this. It's forum verbage and nothing we have control over. Totally normal.


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