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Scope on Crosman 140


I've had this idea kicking around for quite a while and today it finally got done.... I recently got some breeches from Stan / AeroTec to a design I did last spring.... I also received some bolts but without handles as I had to test the assembly and take a final dimension to know where to put the bolt handle so the bolt will lock up properly and seal the barrel.... Here is the result....

The breech is made from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and looks nearly identical on the outside to a Crosman steel breech.... However, it is 5/16" bore and carries a 5/16" bolt instead of 1/4".... That was done to enable the use of the original rear breech plug and mounting screws from the "sliding cover" style breech used on the 140.... It even uses the same #007 O-ring as on the 140 bolt.... The transfer port and seal are from a 22XX and the barrel port area is countersunk to accept that.... The bolt uses an extended probe instead of the flow-through bolt style from the 140 as I have found they cause less restriction.... The barrel is fixed to the breech with two 8-32 set screws....

This gun has had the front of the piston machined off and replaced with a new flat topped piston carrying an O-ring.... That, of course, makes the pump capable of higher pressures, particularly at high pump numbers.... The gun shoots 495 at 4 pumps, 575 at 6 pumps, 630 at 8 pumps, and 680 at 10 pumps with RWS 14.3 gr. Super Hollow Points.... It has been completely disassembled and reblued and resealed, the stock was stripped and sanded to bare wood and refinished with 7 coats of Watco Danish Oil, wetsanded with progressively finer grade on each coat and ending up with 600 grit.... It then received 3 coats of Dark MinWax.... The Scope is a Fitco 2-7 x 32 AO which suits this light and compact gun perfectly....

I'm really pleased with the results....   ;D


PS I thought I posted this yesterday, but can't find it now.... If I've duplicated it, please let me know (where it is) and I'll delete one.... RBS

Wow Bob- that looks amazing. ;D I'm impressed with your ingenuity. Excellent job.

Really nice Bob! My 140 is one of my favorite shooters. Compact, powerful and accurate. Great guns!

Tom @ Buzzard Bluff:
 Well done! The 140/1400 family is my favorites from Crosman. It's such a shame that they won't revive it in a modernized form.

 Now replace the front plug/pivot with a die-cast version from an early 760 and install a full-length 2260 barrel to get what I call the 140L (long). You'll pick up a little velocity and if you prefer peepsights as I do the increased sight radius helps in achieving accuracy.

 I approve of the new breech and would be a user so long as they don't cost more that the Crosman version.      Tom

Another subject, but I built a gun I called my "Uber-Pumper".... 1400 pump and tube, highly modded (lengthened) 2289 valve and trigger group and the skeleton stock, with a 24" barrel.... I got up to 900 fps with 14.3 gr. pellets and no more rediculously heavy trigger pull like a 140 pumped to the max.... Crosman steel breech, so it was scoped as well....



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