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write up G1 exreme nitro piston conversion

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        Thought I would do a little write up on my G1 extreme conversion and what it took. So lets start with a little back ground on this g1 extreme. It was purchased in 2006 to get ride of a squirrel in my attic which it did just fine doing. I then just used it to target shoot in the back yard and shoot at the occasional squirrel. I had left it cocked a few times while waiting for squirrels to return to my bird feeder, its been dry fired a number of times never cleaned or oiled of any kind. So we will call it abused.  I bought the titan as a replacement for the g1 and joined the gta to learn what not to do to my new air rifle and decided after a little while the the g1 was repairable.
       First of I was just going to lube up and replace the seal in the g1 but it had never shot well and would never hold a group of any kind, it was hard to shoot as well but thatís just a springer deal , most are that way.  So I did my research and decided I was just going to do a hone on the compression tube and debur  all the slots in the tube and on the piston and swap out the spring for the crosman nitro piston, seemed easy enough.  Just change a bunch of parts.
       So here it goes , I am not a gunsmith and am not going to try and be one just let you know what I did to get the g1 back up and shooting  as a gas ram rifle which I now like to refer to as my G1-NP.  First I tore the whole gun down. The whole thing from the barrel to the compression tube and yes you will need a spring compressor. What I found was just a lot of really bad parts ( not crosmans fault but my own) . I had  bent barrel, bent in an upward angle,as well as the crown on the barrel was actually all on one side and just a ragged cut on the otherside. This explains the bad accuracy issue I always had with the g1.  The barrel washers the pivot bolt and the live jam and live jam spring were all worn to a point that even if the barrel was closed it would not lock up, again a cause for accuracy issues.  Moving on to the compression tube, this was in good shape just really dirty. The piston was again in good shape but really worn on one side from lack of any lubrication. The piston seal was black and in bad shape and the spring  was no where's near straight or the correct length (look at the pic).
   I did a bunch of ordering for parts with the attitude that if this does not work I wll have plenty of parts for my titan in the future so with that said here is what I ordered.  These were all parts order for a crosman titan not the crosman g1 extreme.
1)   piston
2)   piston seal
3)   crosman gas ram (not low velocity version)
4)   plain plate
5)   back spring guide
6)   tube cover
7)   live jam
8)   live jam spring
9)   grs kit(from Gene)
10)   brass barrel washers (from gene)
once I had all my parts which took a while  because there was a four month back order on the piston I reassembled the g1 extreme with all the gas ram conversion parts I had ordered from crosman. While doing so I deburred the piston and cocking slots ans put a little moly on the piston
the only modification to the g1 I had to do was take a small file and file the  back hole for the bolt for the rear spring guide/ trigger assembly bolt to thread in. with that done I moved to the barrel. I made a jig and place the barrel in the jig and put the jig in a two ton press and straightend the barrel back out replaced the live jam and spring and installed the the brass washers for the barrel. I placed it all back in the stock, loc tighting the pivot bolt and stock screws as well as the bolt for the rear spring guide. Once the loc tight cured it was to the back yard range.
   I bet I put lest then 15 shots through the g1 now the g1-np and I was shooting groups that were a dime size and keep in mind this barrel has been straightened  the pics below are 20 yards at my spinner and a card board target and the parts used to make the g1 a gas ram. This conversion will work on the
1)   G1 extreme
2)   Phantom
3)   Storm
4)   And I think the sierra
And probably more

Johnny Z:
Great write up and sounds like you have a smooth shooter now.  Are those 20yd shots with a scope?  Do you have any chrony numbers with the G1-NP? 


Mark 611:
you did a very good job on that G1 and turned into something you like! KUDO's to you!  :P

 i do not have a crony but i will tell you one shot into a 2x6 the pellet penetrates over 1 inch at ten yards and is holding 1/2 inch groups at twenty yards and it is very queit. very smooth to cock and a great shooter for having a stock trigger. i may pirate the gtrIII out of my titan til i get some more parts fot that just to see if i can tighten it up some. it is shooting great though considering its past and the fact that it has always shot horrible. i never liked this ag till now just could not through it in the trash......dave

time you buy all the parts needed how much total does it cost to convert to gas ram


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