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help made a big mistake

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 went to replace my barrel this morning and cant get the pivot bolt out. i have only had it out once and that was to put in gene's brass barrel washers and i know i didn't overtighten it,is hard enough to just get tight. i think i grabed the loctight sleeve retainer instead of the blue locktight but im just not shure. any ideas how to get it out. im not against a new compression tube but would rather not buy on. i tried heat and  that didn't even work

                                                                                            thanks dave

Once after trying everything I had, I used a cordless impact driver to safely remove a stuck breech bolt.
Good luck. Maybe put some penetrating oil like Liquid Wrench on the thread side and try to let it soak in.
Happy Shooting!!!!

1+ on the penetrating oil.  It can't hurt and it may help.  You might heat it up again (not too hot), so that the expansion will help the penetrating oil work.  Just a thought.

If you used sleeve retaining compound, good luck. You may have to drill the bolt out.                       

If you used sleeve retainer it is almost impossible to un due.
I it used once to hold a brg race in a gear box 10 years latter i had to heat it cherry red to get it out.


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