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Gamo Whisper .22 Barrel Pivot Bolt

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Like a few others on here I have read about, the Torx head on my barrel pivot bolt is stripped. Before I drill and use easy-outs to remove, does anyone know where to purchase a replacement bolt? I have already tried forcing other bits into the head but they just keep stripping out. Thanks

Gamo uses a chemical locking compound on that bolt. From what I'm told, it's difficult to remove even if you heat it with a torch. If you've stripped it out, I think you're SOL. I haven't heard of anywhere to buy a bolt. You might have to send it to Gamo to be repaired.

I had the problem with the barrel dropping and moving after lock-up on my .177 Whisper and ended up returning the rifle because it was still under the return policy, but I hadn't stripped out the barrel pivot bolt trying to tighten or remove it. I tried, but stopped before stripping it.

Thanks for the info, at least that's a good reason why it won't come out. Maybe when I get really bored I will go ahead and drill and tap a new one.

I have decided the head stripped bolt will have to be replaced, does anyone know the bolt specs (diameter, thread length, thread pitch, shoulder length)? I would like to put a new one in as soon as I remove the old one. Thanks

I've never checked but I suppose it is possible that a pivot bolt from Crosman Quest or some other Crosman break models might fit. ???  Never checked to see how many different part numbers Crosman has for the bolt on different guns. Most would have metric threads but not sure of the shoulder fit though. It would be interesting to know and if one does work, would sure make life a little easier for some as far as replacement goes.  ;D Might be worth someone checking the possibilities out. 8)



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