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Thanks to all who are contributing to the Bargain Gate

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Thank you all very much. Being pretty new I always think there isn't anything that I found that hasn't been found already. I need to start sharing more. Again, thanks to everyone.

After reading the latest email from Mr. Ron Robinson, in regard to his Crosman receiver scope mounts, I was all too happy to post a thread on that email's results. If you own an old Crosman with their 3/4" receiver, & you want to mount a scope, have a look in the bargain'll be glad you did, I'm sure!

Maybe we should develop a (voluntary) give-back standard, like donate 10% of what we save to the GTA forum that made this gate possible?  It might make the bandwidth bills a little easier.

Dan Jefferies:

--- Quote from: chea-pass on February 18, 2014, 11:58:56 PM ---No, no thanks to anyone who posts air gun bargains here - it gives me GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). This condition applies to guitars, guns, RC drones, bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, cameras, microbrews, fine art, camping gear, fishing gear, boats/canoes/kayaks, heavy equipment, Jeeps, mud trucks, rat rods, dune buggies, 4-wheelers, whiskey, bullets, knives, logging equipment, cabins, surveillance equipment, HiFi stereo, speakers, jet skis, snowboards, swimsuit issues, and so on and so forth.

Bargain Gate is just no good. The less you spend on air guns the more cash/credit you have for actually buying and shooting pellets that keep the sport alive. No demand for pellets? Well then, no new air guns - a symbiotic relationship without the "bio" part.

--- End quote ---

completely agree... GAS kicked in I bought the Hatsan .30 cal 135 when what I REALLY want is the .25 caliber version... it was on sale! ... *sigh*

"GAS" can cause serious issues for sure, like the "swimsuit issues"...  what's up with that?  Nevermind, I don't think I want to know ;D


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