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GX E-L2 18 Volt Compressor-Best thing since sliced bread

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I have large air tanks, medium air tanks, small air tanks, large compressor, medium compressor and a GXCs2 compressor. The 18 Volt GX EL2 tops them all in many ways for me.
1. Itís small
2. Obviously portable
3. I can use it anywhere without relying on my car battery or home power
4. I can have multiple batteries  or I can charge the battery while I drive from my cars inverter
5. I donít deplete my large tanks
6. I donít pop my hood open and attract attention to attach to a car battery
7. Quiet
8. Slow fill so wonít create heat
9. I can have 300 bar fill several times if I choose

That's nice! Maybe I ought buy one....

 I t really does keep looking like I need to try one of these, much handier than the under the hood version I have, though it has proven handy at the lest for full top offs, just not as convenient.  8)

Yep, it's the berries for sure! ;)

Yeah. Love mine! So much I bought a second just to have one as a spare.

Just went over 8 hours on the first one. I changed the grease at 4 hours. Still chugging along.

Zero hours on the spare one. I'll need it some day. But they're so simple and robust I may not.


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