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A source for reproduction boxes - 1 distributritor in UK? any in US?


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Any collectors who have found a source for reproduction air pistol boxes?  Reprinted boxes are available in the UK but high cost 35 pounds + shipping + VAT mades buying in the UK really expensive.  I have made a few reproduction box but they look homemade. 

Please excuse my last post about Abas Major trying to start a discussion not a WTB post but I always looking for more parts to repair them.  Most of us collector are alway looking for those rare pieces we need. 

The really old air pistol made in England are quite rare here. I only have a few collector friends with similiar airgun collections who are still alive.  Not a computer user but trying to become part of the online airgun community because years ago most collecting was conducted at gunshows or shops face to face.


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