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Sorting to find larger pellets


I have two Hatsan rifles that like 5.53 pellets. Other than the loose barrels I have no complaints.

I have to order H&N TT pellets in the 5.53 size because I have no local stores that sell these pellets.  When I buy Crosman pellets I noticed that there are oversized pellets in the tins as the head sizes vary. I'd like to sort out the larger pellets and use them in the Hatsans. I can use the rest in my other guns.

Is there is a good way to sort them out besides measuring each one with a mic or buying a $55 pelletgage?

I have the pellet gage and it has saved me a lot of time sorting out the small, bent, deformed pellets, especially when I am casting. They do make one now in different head sizes. I own sizes from .177 to .357. I didn't balk at the price for the fact that it would save me a lot of time sorting  them one by one. This is my experience in sorting pellets, some of the other members may have different ways of sorting pellets.

Thank you for your reply.

Some one made a head size gauge by rolling pellets down a slanted board with partitions on one edge, the different head sizes would roll into different partitions.

As far as I know, rolling pellets is comparing pellet head size to pellet skirt size.

Thank you.


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