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soft bedding

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I have a Hatsan 95 and a Walther Talon Magnum (basically Hatsan 125) that I Want to soft bed. Here as Mac's post on bedding. I bought a roll of 1/8 neoprene that was so dense that I couldn't compress it.

Could anyone who has done a bedding help me with finding the proper neoprene?

 I just read the post, one used a clamp to compress it enough to get the screws to catch a few threads to start torque to normal retighten after a few rounds and repeat .
 Might try narrower strips as they would compress a bit easier ???

One of the great members is sending me some of the neoprene that Mac1 was offering in the original soft bedding post.

  Good time to replace the Hatsan screws !

I have extra parts from another member years ago when he didn't have a use for them. Which screws were you referring to?


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