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Picked Up A Seneca Aspen Cheap

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I purchased an "Untested" Seneca aspen........probably means "Doesn't work."
Should be interesting...I have not messed with one of these as yet.......

I am delaying shipment as i will be away til next Monday, so it will be a while for an update.


I received the "untested" Aspen  today.
To my surprise, the pump was free and the pump actually worked.
But.. (there's ALWAYS a "but") it is leaking...either out the gage port or the valve.
I have not as yet isolated the source.

ed....It appears to be coming from the gaga...I cannot detect any leakage out the breech.
Probably an O-ring ??

Madd Hatter:
Probably out of the vent hole in the back of the gage. Make sure you keep that pump over oiled with silicone oil.

The leak 'pears to be coming out around the base of the air chamber I just gotta figger out how to replace....


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