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House fire diana 48 resurrection!!!

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  This rifle was gotten over on agn, poster joined just to sell as he has no interest in airguns, or guns of any sort. It belonged to his father and was in a house fire 20+ years ago. It has sat in a damp basement ever since!
 I believe it is a T01 version D48 .177, could be wrong tho. I'll post pics later if any are interested. When I received it, the box was damaged and the stock has a splintered section off the butstock as well now. Originally I thought to sand and refinish the stock, now it doesn't seem possible to make it look right.
  I put it together from shipping, checked function, everything works but the cooking rod was bent and the arm wouldn't stay closed. However it shot so I'm assuming a tune kit would be the best route,  plus a cocking arm....yes I broke it trying to straighten it lol. For refinishing, I'm am thinking of trying  DuraBlue O think it is called? Basically it's an aerosol type like cerakote but looks close to traditional bluing.
 So any recommendations? Anything I left out? I need to know ow if there is anything I should check before buying parts? Spring kit opinions would be helpful as this will be a first for me.

Well, first of all you should have checked if the cocking arm should have been bent. It should itís made that way. Was probably out of adjustment and thatís why it wouldnít stay closed. Iíd go ahead and replace the breech seal. Replacing spring and seal not a bad idea if it sat for 20 years but you could take it apart and see what you have before ordering. Link below to a really good guide to taking apart and putting back together. Lots of YouTube videos also.

I'm guessing this is the gun OP bought. There are pictures.


--- Quote from: Denby95 on September 16, 2023, 01:34:34 PM ---I'm guessing this is the gun OP bought. There are pictures.

--- End quote ---
That would be it!

The cocking lever will run about $40 to $45 and is possibly still available from Umarex USA.  If you have all the little pins and clips the lever is all you need.  You can get a tune kit (spring, guide, top hat) from "Air Rifle Headquarters".  They also stock the piston seal and breech seal.  I don't know how far you plan to go with disassembly but the hinge pin in the compression tube is held in place with an Allen screw which must be completely removed before the hinge pin will come out.  That Allen screw can be found right next to the breech seal on the front of the compression tube.  It's not obvious.  Adjusting the rod to hold the cocking lever closed is a pretty simple operation.  Enjoy the project!!


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