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If you want a Cros 600, really bad;



I havenít checked the auction sites lately, but at first glance this seller seems kinda optimistic.  On the one hand, if you donít ask, itís a sure thing you wonít get it.  If you do ask, you just might.

I'd expect no less from a Rocklin resident.
I lived in Rocklin for 3 years as a kid and it was full of people I don't care for, I'll never set foot in that city again.

$400 seems to be quite a common pricetag for a lot of vintage air pistols lately on Ebay,  from S&W, Daisy single strokes, various Crosmans, Sheridan, and the Benjamin pistols in even rough condition are listed by people who all must be smoking the same stuff.

IF I really, really wanted a Cr600, I'd get in touch with Mike Baker here on GTA... but I already bought one from him at 2/3 of that $400 price tag.


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