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I have ceramic 2mm dia. magnets that I need to affix in a hole that is also 2mm.
I don't think that a zero clearance fit will permit the SG to bond......
What would be the recommended hole size to get a good SG bond??
Is there a particular adhesive I should be using?

Blowpipe Sam:
Use the freshest super glue you can get.  Cyanoacrylate glues (CA's) start curing in the tube so they have short shelf lives.  Fresh CA's make stronger bonds. CA's for adhering metal to metal, glass to metal, etc. are available at auto supply stores and any place that repairs auto glass if you want to get the absolute strongest bond.  I'm a former laboratory assistant for a big adhesive manufacturer.  My job was to test glues and see what they stuck to.  If the magnet will press fit into the hole there is sufficient clearance for the CA to make a good bond.  Clean up any overage with acetone.

Use the thinnest CA you can get, it will wick into pre-assembled holes amazingly well.... If the magnet slides in without having to use a press, it will work fine....


Thanks, y'all.

I would consider green loc tite as well.


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