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Seneca Dragon Claw II - Unboxing a legendary .50 Cal airgun.



Todayís video is on the Seneca Dragon Claw II Unboxing a legendary .50 Cal airgun. Now with over 100+/- FPE More Power! is brought to you by Pyramyd Air

The .50 Caliber Dragon Claw was my inspiration for getting into airguns.  The new Seneca Dragon Claw II packs some new features like an improved cocking handle, but the real upgrade is a whole lot more power under the hood.  On paper, the new Dragon Claw II is supposed to get an extra 100 FPE with 336-grain slugs.  Weíll be testing that in our next video coming soon so stay tuned for that.  Today we are going to unbox this new variant and talk about features and specs.  The Dragon Claw was a favorite of mine, and this new model has me very intrigued.   I canít wait to get it out of the box and on the range.

Products used in this video:
Dragon Claw II -

Man, itís a great time to be an airgunner!

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