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Pro Sport Kinda Noisy

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Just got another pro sport .177 to replace the one I sold 6 years ago.This one almost  sounds like an untuned RWS 34!.My last one was also bought new and exhibited no such mechanical noise.
Are the newer ones less refined?
Accuracy was stellar I must say but I have my Maccari lubes out and I'm about to dig into it.

From what I've gleaned off the British AG forums, these days it's a roll of the dice whether your new AA springer will "twang like a banjo" and such. Many Chinese guns are better in this regard, the experts say.

I've not bought a new ProSport in 9 years, so can't speak for the current production. But even back in '14 the installation of a Maccari 12FPE kit and seal improved the rifle's handling.  The fit of the factory spring to the factory guide was loose even back then.  I shot it "as is" until the Maccari kit arrived and once that was installed I didn't look back.  Let us know how a lube job does on it. I'd think you'd at least need a better fitted guide to quiet it down like it should be.

im gonna lube it up first to be lazy about it.
If it doesn't resolve it I can spin some parts on my lathe to get things fitting better.
For a 800-900 airgun you'd think it wouldn't be necessary.

That's the problem with premium pricing: you can't have wrinkles to iron out when your biggest competition (cough... HW97) sells for a third+ less.


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